Monday, July 31, 2006

Doily of the future

I'm not sure if Robin and Monkee realise what they have unleashed by inviting me here, actually I just found the front door ajar, wandered in and thought I'd make myself at home - mmm nice snacks in the cupboard.

Who am I? I am Genny from the future! Well, that always impresses monkee...

I'm reporting from Auckland NZ, and unless someone from Invercargill, Antartica, or even Waimate joins the doily of doom, I may just be the southern most doily participant.

However after my feeble participation in the world cup knitalong (typical kiwi, i got drunk on opening night, disappeared entirely for all the matches only to resurface at the final with my declared project only just been started) it's a surprise I'm even allowed near this project. I tell ya, I'm the renegade, the black sheep, the unknown quantity, the dark horse, the one voted most likely to let the group down, the thread killer. Oh well, after all, it is the doily of doom - now thats something I can probably live up to!


Blogger monkeemaven said...

GASP! She speaks from the future!

glad to have you here!

10:44 AM  

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