Sunday, July 30, 2006

My artistic vision

Not very artistic, mind you, and I missed a crucial point in my diagram, but here ya go.

I'll start the doily and a few of the lace patterns. What lace patterns I start, I'll write out directions or a chart if the next person wants to follow them. (If that person doesn't like 'em, toss it. Don't want to doom it ya know.) Most of the sections I'll leave blank. It's up to the next person if they want to put a little lace pattern in it or leave it stockinette. And so on it shall go. (This will make sense once it happens, I think.)

To add to the doomed madness, this is done in whatever threads you have. Any colour. If you have partial balls you want to use up, knock yourself out. I can hope that a person doesn't put two horribly clashing colours next to each other, but it's entirely up to the participants.


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